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Hello everyone, we are back with another Android application known as 2nr Apk. It is an amazing app that offers mobile numbers and you don’t need any paperwork. It provides more and amazing features, which can help you to surf the internet.

As you know these days providing internet surfing is not safe, which is why people cannot provide their personal mobile numbers. Therefore you are here, sharing this app with you all. We are going to share all that we know, just stay with us and enjoy.

Overview of 2nr App

It is a free Android app that is specially developed in the Polish language. Therefore it is a little difficult to understand for other language speakers. But it has a very simple interface, therefore, you can access it without any problem.

There are lots of other Android applications and websites, where you need to enter your mobile number. It is not necessary to put your personal num, because there are lots of hackers who can get your personal num and use it in any illegal activate.

Another problem is the latest Smartphone, which provides you only the ability to access only a single Sim-card. Therefore you have to get multiply devices to get a spread numbers, but it will cost you lots of money waste.

Therefore using the 2nr App you can have another num using the same Smartphone. It is a free Android application, by which you can get three more numbers. There are no paper works or anything like that you can just get it by using this app.

 You can access it to make multiple accounts of any website or any Android application and enjoy it. It also provides you with SMS and MMS and even calls with it. You can access different num for official and different num for family.

App Details

Package Namepl.rs.sip.softphone
Size8.3 MB
Minimal Support RequiredLollipop (5) – API level 21

Key Features of 2nr Apk

It has lots of features as we discussed. I am going to share some of the main points in the list below, but if you think I may don’t mention some of them then you can share them. You can share them through the comment section and feel free to use it.

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Free Numbers
  • Safe Internet Surfing
  • Anomalies numbers
  • Make multiply accounts
  • Delete at anytime     

Screenshots of App

Is it Safe to Use 2nr Apk?

Yes, it is safe to use. It just provides you a simple way to get a free number, so there is nothing to worry about. It is available on Google Play Store if you want to check. Don’t have any second thoughts just download 2nr Apk.

Is it Legal to Use 2nr App?

Yes, it is legal to use. It is providing you new num to use, but it is up to you how to use them. If you used them for any kind of illegal activate then you will face trouble and we are not responsible for that or this app will. So, use this app legally.

How to Download 2nr Apk?

To download 2nr App you just need to find the download button on this page, which will be on the top and at the bottom. We have tested and provided a safe and working Apk file, so feel safe for tapping on the button and wait a few seconds.

After downloading it you have to open the download folder and tap on the Apk file. Select the install option and wait a few seconds. Once you have installed it open it and enjoy it.


2nr App is the best Android application, which provides you to have to multiply mobile numbers using a single Smartphone. Using it illegally may cause you trouble, so access it safely and legally.

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