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Do you love to take smart rides like electric bikes? If yes, then you probably love to ride on ALUCArd. We are here with a special application for all ALUCARd riders, which is known as ALUCARd Apk. It is the latest Android application, which offers to provide all the information about your bike features and services. You can also know more about maintains of it.

As you know the way of transportation changes with an amazing speed and people are enjoying new features. There are vehicles available for people, through which they can have a smooth and comfortable traveling experience. But there are different problems with them and the most important problem is pollution, which the vehicles cause.

So, people prefer safe rides, which don’t affect the environment. Therefore, electric vehicles are the best option, through which the environment doesn’t get affected at all. ALUCARD is the best company, which offers the best and well-designed products.

It also offers a wide range of electric rides, through which the users can have safe and healthy transport services. So, we are here with the application, through which you can easily have all the information about your ride in detail. There are amazing features available in this app, which we are going to share with you all in detail.

Overview of ALUCARd Apk

It is an Android application, which offers to provide all the information related to your electric scooter. It is specially designed for ALUCARD products, which means you can only use this application if you are using the company product. All the available features and services of this app are free to use.

As you know there are different features in any scooter, which provides a better experience for the rider to have. The rider has to know all about the ride before he starts using it. So, the company introduces this application, which provides digital information about the scooter.

ALUCARd App provides the users to know about the current condition of the scooter, through which they can easily have an idea about it. It provides the vehicle power, through which you can know how much can your ride take.

The speed is also matters in transport services. Usually, vehicles have the speed meter, but scooters don’t. So, you can have your own speed meter, through which you will know about the speed information. You can easily increase the speed and also decrease it.

You can also set a speed limit on your devices, which will be the maximum speed. Your ride will never cross that limit. So, you can easily have full control over the speed. The sensitivity of steering is one of the most important factors.

You need to turn the steering according to the sensitivity. If you don’t know about the sensitivity level, then you will probably find yourself in trouble with a slight mistake. Therefore, it is the best platform, through which you can have a safe and easy ride.

Therefore, download this application and get all the information about your scooter. You just need to connect the scooter and this application using Bluetooth. Once the connection process is complete, then you are free to use it. If you have any problem using this app, then feel free to contact us.

App Details

Size8.33 MB
Minimal Support Required4.3 and Above

Key Features of the App

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Get all the Information About Scooter
  • Attractive Speed Meter
  • Battery Performance Details
  • Manage Your Profile
  • Maintain Your Ride
  • Control High Speed
  • Manage Steering Sensitivity
  • Best Digital Control
  • Control The Mode
  • Many more

Screenshots of App

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How to Download the Apk file?

IF you want to download the Apk file, then you are in right place. We are going to share the fastest downloading system with you all. You just need to make a single tap on the download button, which is available at the top and bottom of this page.


ALUCARd Apk is the best application, through which you can easily have full digital control over your scooter. So, just download this application and get control. If you have any problems, then contact us through the comment section below.

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