Blender Player Apk 2022 Download For Android

Hello everyone, do you want to make animation using your Android device? If yes then we are here with an amazing Android application for you all, which is known as Blender Player. It is the Android version of blender, by which the users can make animations easily using their Smartphones.

As you know these days people love to watch amazing graphics, animations, and other fictional things. So, its blender is one of the best application, through which the animation development can be completed. There are tons of other things, which can be completed through this application.

Usually, the gaming development and 3D video making are done with this application, using Laptops and PCs. So, there is a larger community of Android users in the market too. Who want to use the best effects of it for free, therefore we brought you the best way to complete your imaginations.

 As we mentioned, it was only for the laptops and PC, but know we are here with the Android version. It offers all the features of the PC version and many more. We are going to share all of the tools, which you will have access through the Android version. So, just stay with us for a while and enjoy it.

Overview of Blender Player App

It is an Android application, which offers production pipelines, for game development, VFX for film production, animations, and more. It offers an open-source for everyone all over the globe, which means anyone can use this app, without wasting a single penny.

It offers the best modeling features, through which any animation can be made with the best realistic expression. It also provides different tools, through which any graphic developer can make the best models easily. It offers time-saving features, which is one of the best features of this app.

We are going to share some of the best tools for this application. The first tool, which we are going to share is the transform tool, which the user can it in layout modeling specifically, but you can also use it anywhere. It allows scaling, rotating, and moving the element by using the guides.

The second tool is Spin Duplicate, through which you can make multiple duplicates of models. You can also remove and add duplicates, through this tool the users can decrease the time-consuming process. It also offers to change the axis.

There is another latest tool, is known as the offset edge loop cut. Through this tool, you can make linear subdivisions of your object. You just need to select the loop and leave it on the other ending end, by which it will make a spread division.

 A smooth option is also available, through which you can make the edges of any object smoother. It will make the edges smoother according to your need or you can also make the edges pointy using the opposite quantities. You can also create different shapes using this feature.

Un Subdivide is also available, through which the users can also make pretty good changes and make amazing models. There are thousands of more features and tools available, which you can explore. So, download Blenderplayer app and start making animations.

App Details

NameBlender Player
Size16.26 +9.94 MB
Minimal Support Required2.3 and above

Key Features of the App

It is one of the best applications for any graphic designer, which offers the biggest collection of tools to make anything. Some of the features are mentioned in the above section, but there are many more. So, we are going to share a list of the main features with you all below.

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Provides open-source
  • Best way to make 3D models
  • Environment development in simulation
  • Tons of Simulation effects
  • Best Collection of Tools     
  • The interface is similar to the PC version
  • Easy to Use
  • Many more

Screenshots of App

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How to Download the Apk file?

We are going to share a link with you all, by which you can download it easily. You just need to find the download button, which is available on this page. Tap on the download button and wait a few seconds the downloading will start automatically.

You need another zip file to access it. So, we are also going to share the zip file on this page, which you have to download. Once the installation of the Apk file completes, you have to change the name of the zip to blend, then you have to open the Apk file and open the blend file from the Apk file. It will launch the player.


Blender Player Apk is the best application, by which you can provide life to your imaginations. So, start imagination and create tons of models with this application. For more amazing apps, keep visiting our Website.

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