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Are you frustrated with performing the same tasks on your Android device? If you are, then we are here with the application, which is known as Clickmate Pro. It is an Android application, which offers to increase the intelligence of your Android device. It can perform any kind of task automatically.

Android operating systems are one of the communication devices. There are millions of users of Android Smartphones all over the globe, through which they can do their tasks easily. It is one of the most time-saving assets of this era. Communicate with people, discover new things, earning platforms, and many more.

There are millions of more amazing things, which you can easily do with any Smartphone. There multiple tasks, which are usually similar. Users have to go through the same scenario multiple times, to do the same work over and over again. So, do you skip all that process?

If you want to then, we are here with the application, which can do all your work. It can repeat all your use of smartphones over and over again. It is the most time-saving application, through which you can do simultaneously multiple works on your device and other. If you are having difficulty in understanding, then stay with us and explore more detailed information about it.

Overview of Clickmate Pro App

It is an Android application, which offers to perform the tapping and swiping process. It offers the user to access both auto and manual settings, through which the taps and swipes will be made. It also offers a screen recording system, through which you can easily recode the whole screen.

In the Auto mode, the users have to perform all the tasks, which they want to repeat. The user has to do the whole process and once the process is complete. The user has to let the application do all the work. It will repeat the process.

It is developed in the best ways, which calculates every single tap and swipe user made in the auto mode. It will repeat all the steps. The time is also important because the timing is also calculated and all the steps will be made at the exact time.

In the Manual mode, you have to provide all the tasks manually. You have to set the directions, what to do next. You need to provide the direction, which includes tap timing, interval, duration, and other factors of the tap. The same with the swipe features.

You probably think, what kind of task do I repeat? So, you know there are different Android games, which you play daily and make the same process for different services. The gamer will know how much this application is useful for them.

There are also different earning applications available in the market, on which people have to go through the same task. So, through this app, you can easily rest and it will make money for you. There are tons of other things, which you can do with this app.

In the screen recording, it provides high-quality recording system, which you can save in your device storage. It offers no watermark, which usually recorders provide. There are tons of more amazing features of this application, which you can discover.

We are offering the pro version, which provides access to all the paid features. So, you can download the premium version from this page and use it. If you have any queries about it, then feel free to contact us.

App Details

NameClickmate Pro
Size6.78 MB
Package Namecom.inscode.autoclicker
Minimal Support Required7.0 and Above

We have another auto clicker for you.

Gloo Macro

Key Features of the App

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Auto Tap and Swipe
  • Manual Adjust the Direction
  • Screen recording in High quality
  • No-Water Mark
  • No-root Required
  • No-Ads
  • Many more

Screenshots of App

How to Download the Apk?

The official version is available in the market, but we are sharing the pro version. So, if you want to download the pro version, then download it from this page. We are going to share a link with you all and you just need to tap on the available download button.


Clickmate Pro Apk can save a lot of time and can be used by anyone, but especially gamers and online earners can get a lot of benefit from this app. So, download this app and get access to all the premium features of the app.

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