Gacha Nebula Apk Download For Android [NEW]

Gacha Nebula is the newly available fan-based improved version. Get a completely new gaming experience with an improved theme and unique features. In this game, the storylines, gameplay, items, characters, and much more improvements are added. Enjoy a new type of game and have unlimited fun. Download this new improved game and enjoy your free time.

Multiple Android games are available providing unique gaming services. Each available game provides unique functions for players. However, some games provide no updates or improvements even after a successful release. So, unofficial developers offer improvements. Get a similar successful game with unofficial improvements.

What is Gacha Nebula Game?

Gacha Nebula App is an Android Casual Gaming App. This game provides a unique combination of features for players. Therefore, get customizable characters, Studio, Mini-games, multiple modes, and much more. Additionally, Nebula is the newly available edition with improved features. Enjoy playing this unique mobile game.

Gacha is one of the most popular available Casual games. Android gamers enjoy playing this exciting game and have unlimited fun. However, the most commonly encountered problem is no official updates. Officially, this is a complete program without any updates. However, fan-based games are popular all over the globe. Get a new fan-based version here.

Gacha Game Nebula Edition is the latest version with multiple features. This new edition provides multiple improved features with a completely new theme. Therefore, Android users will get the experience of gaming. Get details related to the available unique features offered by these newly available improved features. Get similar services with the Gacha World By Astella.

Nebula Gacha Clube 

Starting the with main character customization feature of this gaming app. Players will get complete control over character customization. Therefore, making various changes while playing is possible. In this new edition, new customizations, Items, Pets, and many more items are added. Therefore, playing this unique game will be fun. Get the list of basic available features below.

  • Presets
  • Body
  • Head
  • Clothes
  • Props
  • Chat
  • Pet
  • Objects
  • Profile
  • More

Nebula Studio

The Studio is one of the most unique features of this gaming platfrom. In the studio, making various types of animated clips is possible. Players can easily select various characters, pets, and backgrounds, and start making scenes. All the available required features are provided in this section. Get the list of available characters in this edition.

  • Luni
  • Charlotte
  • Lemo
  • Yuni
  • Lado
  • Rein
  • More

Gacha Battle

In the battle, various modes are available. Therefore, the player has to prepare a team of powerful heroes in the journey. The main task is to battle against the monsters using various heroes. Therefore, create the best available party of powerful heroes and enjoy. Additionally, each available mode offers differnet gameplay. Enjoy exploring the available modes using the characters.

  • Main Story
  • Elemental Tower
  • Training Mode
  • Chapter 2
  • More


In this edition, multiple mini-games are also added with unique features. Therefore, players will get complete unique gameplay. Each available mini-game provides a differnet and unique gameplay. Therefore, playing the available mini-games will be fun. Start playing the available mini-games and have a completely new experience.

  • Lemo & Yuni Dance!
  • Mascot Whack!
  • Usai Vs. Neko
  • More

GachaNebula Download to get access to this unique gaming platform. Android users can have a unique experience of gaming with this exciting app. Therefore, start playing this unique edition and have a unique experience. Basic features are provided here. However, much more unexplored features still exist in the gameplay. Hence, download this gaming app and explore it all.

App Details

NameGacha Nebula
Size352.35 MB
Minimal Support Required5.0 and Above

Screenshots Of App

How To Download Gacha Nebula?

The downloading process of unofficial games is differnet. Because such games are not available in normal App Stores. Therefore, this website provides the fastest Gaming App downloading process here. Find the DOWNLOAD button and tap on it. Get the latest updated version of the game and enjoy spending your free time.

Main Features

  • Completely Free Game
  • Latest Gacha Version
  • Multiple Modes
  • More Presets Added
  • New Studio
  • Unique Backgrounds
  • Friendly Interface Of App
  • Unique background Music
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Simple and Easy To Use
  • No Premium Features
  • Registration Free Gameplay
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

What is the Latest Gacha Edition?

The Nebula Edition is the latest edition of Gacha.

Does Nebula Edition Of Gacha Offers Studio?

Yes, get Studio with new scenes, actions, and backgrounds in this edition.

How To Install GachaNebula Game?

Enable Unknown Sources from Android Settings Security and install the downloaded game file.


Gacha Nebula is the latest and best edition of Gacha with unique features. Therefore, Android users should download this exciting application and explore all available unique gaming features. Additionally, more editions of this mobile gaming app are available on this website. Follow to get more.

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