GFX Tool For PUBG Lite Download For Android [2023]

GFX Tool For PubG Lite is a patch of settings. It enables advanced graphic options by which you can change these options. You can play the game on the slow internet.

As you know PUBG is one of the most advanced games, which has the best graphic, but it is very hard for slow internet users. Therefore we brought you this app if you want to know more about this app read this post.

Overview of GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile is one of the best online games. You can play with your friends or solo. But you will be able to play if you had an advanced version Android smartphone and you had a fast internet connection. If you don’t have any of these two, you can use them.

It provides you with to access advanced graphic options. You can change these options and make PUBG compatible with your devices and internet connection. It is a simple patch of setting with a user-friendly interface.

The GFX Tool is very simple to use, after installing it, you need to open it. You will have simple graphic resolution options that you need to change. It is very easy to understand, I will share these options below.

Select Version

It is the first option. You will find it at the top. It is very easy to find which version you are using. PUBG has released two versions, Quantum and Lightspeed. But there is another version known as Timi. But this version is available for China only.


Now the first graphic setting you can change is resolution. You can reduce the resolution from there and change the optimized resolution of the game using an unofficial application.


You can also change the graphic. You will have multiple options here like smooth, balanced, and others. You just need to select the option that is compatible of your devices and internet connection speed.


You also need to change the frames per second. It is by which your actions are displayed more smoother.


It is a graphic setting, which makes the texture smoother. You can change it, by which your graphic maybe not be clear but works without lagging.


Using this option, you can disable shadows from being displayed. 

You can change them as you are feeling comfortable playing PUBG Lite. We don’t have intellectual property rights to the tool, but it is free to use.

Key Features GFX Tool-PubG Lite

There are some of the features, which I have found more interesting about this tool. You can also share your experience with us, through the comment section below.

Here is the list of features

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Access new graphic settings
  • Change HDR Graphics
  • Unlock Maximum FPS Limit
  • Make a Long Press To Change
  • Immediately Take The Necessary Measures
  • User-friendly

Screenshots of GFX Tool PubG Lite

Is it Safe to Use GFX Tool-PubG Lite?

Yes, it is safe to use. There isn’t anything that you need to worry about. It is just a patch of settings by which you can change some graphic settings. But we are not the developers of this tool. Therefore we cannot give you any personal safety guarantee.

Is it Legal to Use?

Yes, it is legal to use. It is not a hacking tool or anything like that. It is a simple implementation to change some settings. but still using the unofficial application for specific gaming improvement is not safe.

If this app violated your intellectual property or other agreement please contact us by e-mail. You can also use the comment section to contact us.

Tool Details

NameGFX Tool – PubG LITE
Package Namecom.righttickk.gfxtool_pubglite
DeveloperGFX Tool
Size2.25 MB

How to Download GFX for PubG Lite?

It is a third-party app. So it is not available on the Google Play store or any other GFX Tool Official Website. It’s a little hard to find a working and safe GFX tool, but we are providing you with a safe and working link to it. Just tap on that link and wait for a few seconds.

How to Install GFX Tool-PubG Lite?

Before you install, you need to change some settings. It isn’t hard to do that. But for your convenience, I am going to share installing steps just follow them and you will be able to install it on your device.

  • Go to settings and open the security
  • Checkmark the ‘Unknown source’
  • Quit settings
  • Go to file manager and open downloads
  • Tap on the Apk file
  • Select the install option and wait for a few seconds
  • Open it and use it.


Can We Change GFX Changes PUBG Lite?

Yes, you will get GFX settings in-game and also use the GFX Tool For PUBG Lite.

Does PUBG Lite GFX Tool Offers FPS Controls?

Yes, here you will get FPS controls in the tool and other brands access.

How to Fix Lag In PUBG Lite Game?

With GFX Tool change advanced-level settings PUBG Lite Lag Fix and improve gaming performance.


GFX Tool for PUBG Lite is the best way, for those who are playing this game on low Androids or at a slow internet connection. You can use this tool to stop lagging while you are playing.

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