How to open APK files on a PC?

If you are using a computer and looking for a simple way to access all Android services, then don’t worry about it. Today we are here with a complete guideline about How to Open Apk files on a PC and use them without any problem.

As you know there are different digital devices, which people use to access different services. In these devices, two types of operating systems are quiet people, which billions of people use. The first one is the Android and the other one is Windows.

What is Apk File?

The Apk file stands for Android packages, which are used to operate any application on the Android operating system. So, the Android packages are available as an extension of .apk for the users, which you can easily operate on your Android OS device.

These files are only compatible with Android OS, which means users cannot run these files on any other OS. But there are people, who are using other systems such as Windows. So, these people want to know How to Open the Apk file Windows.

So, we are here to share all the information about this process. First thing is, you can run Apk files on Windows, but there are certain methods. So, you have to use those methods, through which your system will be compatible to open any mobile file.

We are going to share some of the best available methods, which you can use to get access to all these services. So, if you want to know about these methods, then you guys can stay with us for a while and enjoy.

How to Open APK Files On a PC?

The PC has Windows as its Operating system, which means you cannot Open Files on a PC directly. So, How to open APK files on a PC? Here you need a Windows program, which is known as Emulator. So, the Android Emulators provide users to access the services.

So, we are going to share some information about the emulators with you, through which you can easily understand the process and know about all the services. So, stay with us for a while to know about all available services.

What are Android Emulators?

The Emulators are special programs, which are developed to get an Android environment on Windows Operating System. These programs provide Windows users to get Mobile services on their system without getting an actual Android device.

So, PC users can easily run the Apk files on their system using a Mobile Emulator. There are multiple emulators available on the internet, but we are going to share some of the best with you. So, if you want to know about them, then stay with us.


The BlurStacks is one of the best and most popular available emulators, which provides users to access any Android application on PC. Here you will have a complete Mobile environment, through which you can get apps from Google Play Store and many more.


The program provides some of the best collections of services, which you can access and enjoy. But some users face problems with gaming. The emulator is built to run all types of files, which is why you don’t get the best gaming experience here.


The Gameloop is one of the best and most popular mobile gaming emulators for PC users. It is specially developed for gamers to play mobile games on their PC, which means here you will get the best gaming experience of all time.


But here you cannot run other mobile applications. You can only download mobile games with this application and play them. It provides advanced-level graphics and smooth gaming controllers, through which players will have fun.

Both of these are quite popular on the internet, which you can easily get on your device and enjoy. So, if you were having a problem with these, then you can simply contact us. Use the comment section below and leave your problem.

We will make sure to provide the best available solutions, through which you can have fun. For more amazing informative content, you can keep visiting our website and have fun. Here you can find new apps, games, tools, and many more.

If you want to run IOS files on Android, then we have some simple Emulators for you. You guys can use iEMU and Egg NS Emulator on your Mobile, to get access of IOS apps.

Final Words

So, now you guys know about How to open APK files on a PC, which means you can enjoy mobile games and apps on your Windows. Get any of the best available emulators on your system and start getting the best services.

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