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If you are a music lover and also a gamer, then we are here with an amazing Android application that is known as idaft Apk. It is the best Android gaming application, which offers you to play different games about rock music and lyrics.

There are lots of people, who want to know about music. So, it is the best way to enhance your skills with words and music. Entertainment and learning are two different things, but this application offers both of them in one. You can learn while enjoying it.

As you know Draft Punk is one of the best electronic musicians in the world. We are sharing about them because this application is connected to their best song “Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster”, which is one of the best songs with the best music and lyrics.

There are different features of this application, which are going to share with you in the section below. If you are going to use this app, then we recommend you to know about this app before using it. So stay with us for a while and we will share all the important points of this application.

Overview of Idaft Apk

It is a free Android application, which is developed by underware. It is the best app to learn about melody and its lyrics. It offers you games through which you can practice your music skills. You can also get new and different games.

As you know there are millions of kids who want to learn about musical instruments and lyrics, but at some point because of frustration, they don’t continue it. So, through this application, you will find it interesting, to play different games that are also connected to music.

You can also change the lyrics according to your style. It offers you a collection of words which you can choose according to the musical background. If offers the basic song of ‘Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster’ and you have to choose the same lyric at the time.

Idaft Jamming Apk also offers you to perform as musicians, by which you have to complete the songs using eighteen different musical instrument sounds. Each sound will be different from others but all sounds are related to Daft Punk.

It offers you games, where you have to tap on the boxes. It is a box game, where different boxes with words in it fall from the top of your screen. You have to tap them when they reach the spot. It offers background music and when you tap on the box the lyric will be unleashed and you have to complete the song to win.

App Details

Package Namedk.underware.idaft
Minimal Support Required2.3.3 and Above

Key Features of Idaft App

As we mention almost everything about this application, but you can also explore more features by exploring it. So, we are going to share some of the main features of this app with you on the list below.

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Ads blocker
  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Games and Jamming
  • Background Music
  • Smooth Controls
  • Good Sound-Quality

Screenshots of App

How to Download Idaft Apk?

For some reason, this app is not visible on Google Play Store. But we are going to share a safe and working link to this application. So, you just need to find and tap on the download button. It will be located at the top and bottom of this page.

Once you tap on it and then wait a few seconds, the downloading will start automatically. Don’t forget to enable the ‘Unknown source’ from Settings Security before the installation process.


Idaft Apk is the best application, through which you can enjoy while learning. So, just download this app and start making your music in your style. Keep visiting our Website for more amazing apps.

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