Kipas Guys Apk Download For Android [Stumble Guys Mod]

Kipas Guys is the best available modified version of the Android game Stumble Guys. This Mod Game Apk provides a mod menu to control the game completely. Therefore, get access to premium Stumble Guys game features for free. Apart from this, tools to improve gameplay are also available. Thus, improve gameplay and win every round without any problem. Hence, download the mod game Apk and enjoy unlimited access.

Mobile games are quite popular to provide easy and instant entertainment. However, finding the best available game can be problematic. Because endless games are available on the internet. So, find an interesting mobile game here with complete access to features. Hence, stay to learn about this exciting mobile game here.

What is Kipas Guys Apk?

Kipas Guys Game is an Android Mod action game. This Mod Apk is the modified version of Stumble Guys. The Mod Version offers access to paid features for free. Therefore, get unlimited resources such as Gems and Diamonds. Additionally, the mod game provides hacks to enhance skills such as Jump and Dash. Hence, enjoy playing this game without any limitations.

Multiplayer action mobile games are trending all over the globe. Multiple games are providing high-end services. However, most of such games require high gaming skills. Therefore, most Android gamers search for simple and easy games. Thus, the Stumble Guys is the best available option to have unlimited fun. Hence, explore details related to this exciting game here.

Stumble Guys Game is a multiple online action game App Apk. This Android game has 100+ Million downloads officially. Therefore, all over the globe players enjoy playing this exciting game. Although, this game offers free-to-play services. But, there are in-game purchase items. Additionally, due to multi-player gameplay, the competition is quite high. Hence, players need high-gaming skills.

Kipas Guys Android is the modified version of the Stumble Guys mobile game. Although, this is a modified version. But, it does offer all existing features of the latest updated game. Thus, players will all newly added features in this mod game Apk. Additionally, this mod version allows players to access the paid/locked features of Training Guys Apk for free. Hence, playing this game will be more fun and entertaining for everyone.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The gameplay of this mod version is the same as the original game. Therefore, a multiplayer game is available cosist of 32 real players. Each available game cosist of 3 different rounds. In each round, some players will be eliminated according to their performance and gameplay. Hence, the performance of players during the matches will affect the ranking. 


In this multiplayer game, 32 players play 3 rounds on differnet maps. Although, each available map has differnet rules. But, main the available maps are divided into three types Race Maps, Elimination Maps, and Team Maps. In total, 23 maps are available. Thus, each round will be randomly activated and players have to complete all three rounds to win the match.

  • Spin Go Round
  • Tile Fall
  • Icy Heights
  • Humble Stumble
  • Pivot Push
  • Cannon Climb
  • Over & Under
  • Honey Drop
  • Floor Flip
  • Stumble Soccer
  • Lava Rush
  • Bombardment
  • Space Race
  • Super Slide
  • Laser Tracer
  • Lost Temple
  • Rocket Rumble
  • Jungle Roll
  • Block Dash
  • Paint Splash
  • Lava Land
  • Bot Bash
  • Hot Wheels Hustle


This Version of Stumble Guys provides the KIPAS Mod Menu. This menu allows players to control all available hacks. Therefore, making changes in the official gameplay is possible using this Mod Menu. Additionally, multiple sections are available in this mod menu to make specific changes. Hence, explore details related to the available mod menu sections.

Party Cheat

In the first section of the mod menu, get the cheats related to the Party. In this game, the Party is known as Custom Room to play games with only friends. In the party, the player can create a Room and invite friends to join using a Room Code. So, this mod menu allows users to control available Party features. Hence, get the available Party cheats in the provided list here.

  • Custom Map
  • Private Room
  • Allow Bot
  • Disable Special Emote
  • Solo Mode
  • Unlimited Mode
  • Room Timer
  • Round Map 1, 2, and 3
  • Room Code
  • Player Qualified Number
  • Max Player Number

Player Cheats

In the second section, the cheats are available to boost the player’s performance. Therefore, players with low skills can access this section. Here, players will get the best collection of cheats to enhance character abilities. Hence, winning any match will be easy and instant. Find all available cheats in the list below.

  • Enable Cheats
  • Apply To Local/All Players
  • Unlimited Dash (FLY)
  • Camera Distance
  • Player Speed
  • Jump Height
  • Dash Speed

Other Cheats

Special Cheats are also available to get complete control of the game. In the Other Cheat Section, players will get multiple unique cheats such as Enemy Mode. Enemy Mode will provide options of opponent skills. Thus, players can select opponent levels such as None, Beginner, Amateur, and Expert. Additionally, other cheats are also available. Hence, enjoy the available high-quality hacks.

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All Emote
  • Unlock All FootStep
  • Unlock All Animations
  • Skin Party
  • Custom Name
  • Leave Match

Download this Mod Stumble Guys Apk to have fun and entertaining gameplay. Although, this is a modified version. However, it provides all official features here. Thus, players can enjoy playing this exciting mobile mod game without any limitations. So, download this mod version Apk and have fun. Get information related to the downloading process of Mod Game APK here.

App Details

NameKipas Guys
Size96.02 MB
Package Namecom.kitkagames.fallbuddies
DeveloperKitka Games
Minimal Support Required5.1 and Above

Screenshots Of App

How To Download KIPAS GUYS Apk?

Searching for the mod version of the web might be problematic. Because Mod Apks are not commonly available. However, this website provides a simple Mod APK Downloading process. Therefore, find the DOWNLOAD APK button and tap on it. This will start the downloading process of Mod Game Apk instantly. Hence, download the Apk file and enjoy playing Mod Game.

Main Features

  • Completely Free Game
  • Get Mod Of Stumble Guys
  • Complete Game Control
  • Get Character Cheats
  • Cheats Apply For Other Players
  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Simple and Easy To Play
  • Get Mod Menu
  • Complete Control On Menu
  • Hide Mod Instantly
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

How To Hack Stumble Guys?

The KIPAS Stumble GUYS is the best mod version with unlimited hacks.

Does Google Play Store Offer Stumble KIPAS GUYS?

No, mod games are not available on the Google Play Store. However, it is possible to get the direct download link from this page.

How To Install Stumble KIPAS GUYS Apk?

Enable Unknown Sources from Android Settings Security and install the downloaded Apk file.


Download Kipas Guys Game Apk to enjoy the premium features of Stumble Guys game. This mod version allows players to experience fun gameplay without any limitations. Therefore, fans should try this version once to have a new experience. Additionally, more mod games are available on this website. Hence, follow to get more.

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