Mysejahtera Apk Download For Android [2023 Update]

As you know Pandemic-19 affected almost every country around the globe. So, different nations fight back in every possible way to prevent the outbreak. Malaysia’s government also introduces Mysejahtera Apk. It is an Android application, which offers to assist people to manage the outbreak.

As the outbreak start spreading people started to panic due to the worse situation, which makes it difficult for the government to control. People are not allowed to go out, which makes them mentally stressed and depressed.

So, the government introduces this app, which anyone can use on their Android device. It offers different features, by which they can self-asset and also help their families. It is the most efficient way to manage the people and the outbreak.

There are more features of this application that we are going to share with you all. If you are going to use this application, then we recommend you know a little bit before using this application. If you have any difficulty in using this application, then you can contact us too.

Overview of Mysejahtera Apk

It is an Android application, which is developed by the GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA. It offers people to manage themself and their families during this Pandemic-19. It offers people health care assets, by which they can do self-assessment, by which they will always know about their health condition.

It also offers daily updates on the information and news about Pandemic-19, by which you will get information about other cities too. If you are going to travel to another part, then you can access the information about active cases and others.

If you are feeling like you have positive signs of Pandemic-19, then it offers you information related to the nearest hospital. It offers the location of hospitals and details about the number of active cases and a lot more. The app is also the official channel that supports the national covid details. The application developed especially for Malaysian users and it allows users to perform health self-assessment.

It offers a tracker that shows the active cases around you. The government also uses it and notifies people if they are in a crowded place. You will get different kinds of notifications, which are usually related to the outbreak. This application offers vaccination registration appointment and issuance for any patient. So, members monitor their health progress throughout the covid time.

The process of self-assessment is simple. You have to answer some simple questions, which are related to your health. After completing of assessment you will get a notification about your health condition. You can asset your family too.

App Details

Size15.59 MB
DeveloperGovernment of Malaysia
CategoryApps/Health & Fitness
Minimal Support Required4.4 and up

Key Features of Mysejahtera App

We shared some of the features with you in the above section. But you can explore more features of this application by using it. So, now we are going to share some main features of this application with you. You can also share your experiences with us, through the comment section.

  • It is free to download and use
  • Latest news and information related to Pandemic-19
  • Self-assessment
  • Healthcare is available at anytime
  • Multiple Languages
  • Digital health care
  • App To Monitor Users Health Conditions
  • Information related to the nearest hospital
  • No-Ads
  • Health Progress ANd Facilitate Contact Tracing
  • Vaccination Registration
  • Users To Perform Health Assessment
  • Group System For Family Members Monitor
  • Upcoming Appointment Related Details
  • Safe to use And Managing The Covid 19
  • Contact Tracing For Covid
  • Medical History And Treatments Required
  • Immediate Actions On Emergency
  • Official Health Of Malaysia Moh To Monitor Users
  • Interface is user-friendly

Screenshots of App

How to Download Mysejahtera Apk?

If you want to download this application, then you have two options. The first one is Google Play Store and the second is through this page. You just need to find the download button, which is at the top and bottom of this page. Tap on it and wait a few seconds till downloading completes.

Before the installation process, you have to make some changes to the settings. To do that, go to the settings and open the security panel. Checkmark ‘Unknown source’ and exit settings. Now, you are free to install it on your device.


What is the Best Educational App For the Pandemic?

The Mysejahtera App provides the best educational services.

Does Mysejahtera App Perform Health Self-Assessment?

Yes, the application provides health assessment and educational services.

Is Mysejahtera App Introduced By the Government Of Malaysia?

Yes, the app is provided by the official Government of Malaysia Moh to monitor students.


Mysejahtera Apk is the best application to fight this satiation. You can save yourself and you’re loved ones, by accessing its features. So, stay home stay safe and keep visiting our Website.

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