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The Project I’m Going In (IGI) is now available on smartphones. You can play the best game, which was once you played on PCs. Project IGI Apk is specially designed for Android devices.

It offers all the same features of the PC version. It has some extra features too, which we are going to discuss. We are going to share all about the PC version and the Android version. Just stay with us.

Overview of Project IGI Apk

At first, we will go through the PC version. In the PC version, it was developed in 2000, it was the best at that time and for me it still the best game. I personally used to spend hours on my computer playing the most realistic computer game.

After I heard the news about the Android version it was the best surprise. It is an Android Action game. It is providing you the same Features, which was used in the PC version. You will find the same background music.

It offers the same weapons. You will find all of them, which I am going to share some of the weapons. You will find it in this game. I am going to share some not all of them.

Here is a list of weapons.

  • AK 47
  • LAW 80
  • Dragunov
  • Jackhammer
  • Uzi
  • M16 A2

After the graphics, it is providing you the best graphics. You will find it is soft and the visual is clearer. It also provides you great control to takeout enemies. You can control your movements and easily target your opponent.

The missions, you will find the entire fourteen missions in here. Each mission has a different object to complete. You will find easier to complete missions in your smartphone as compared to the PC. It is just because you have a soft controls, and best graphics.

The most irritating thing is to leave a mission in the midst of playing. You are playing and suddenly something pops-up, therefore in this game you can save a mission at any point. You can save it and start playing where you left it.

Key Features of Project IGI Apk

It is a game, which has lots of features to mention. But I am going to share the features which I really liked about this game. You can also share your experience with us through the comment section. Feel free to use it.

Here is the list of features

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Best Graphics
  • Best Controllers

Screenshots of Game

Is it Safe to Play?

Yes, it is safe to use. You don’t require any registrations process or any account. Therefore feel safe to use this gaming application. But we are not the developers of this gaming application. Therefore we cannot give you any personal guarantee of safety.

 How to Download Project IGI Apk?

It is free to download on our site. We are providing you a link to download this application. You just need to tap on that link and wait a few seconds till it completes downloading. We already tested this game and providing you a working link so feel free to tap on it.

How to Install Project IGI Apk?

To install it on your device, you need to change some settings. It is just because it is a third-party gaming app. We are going to share the installation process in the steps below. You can follow them and you will be able to install it on your Android device.

Steps of Installation

  • Go to Settings and Open Security Panel
  • Checkmark on ‘Unknown source’ and Exit Settings
  • Go to the File Manager and Open Downloads
  • Tap on the Apk file and Select Install Option
  • Wait a few seconds and Open It.

Project IGI Apk is the best Android gaming application with all the features of the Pc version. Play and enjoy spending quality time on it.

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