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Are you looking for the latest and rarest skin collection of Mobile Legends? If yes, then we are here with the best methods for you. Skin Fire Chief ML can also get for free using these amazing methods. You can find all the amazing collections of skins here.

ML is one of the most popular Android games all over the globe. It provides a multiplayer online battle arena for the players. There are tons of amazing features available in the game, which includes Gameplay, Characters, Skins, Effects, and many more.

What is Skin Fire Chief in Mobile Legends?

Skin Fire Chief in Mobile Legends is the most popular and rarer skin of a hero character Johnson. It provides an attractive and unique look in the character, which also includes amazing effects. Johnson is a simple character, with the Chief skin.

Once the player gets the amazing and rare skin, then Johnson can easily convert himself into a car. Your character will look cooler and attractive. The main color is red of the outfit is red, which looks even more attractive with a yellow hat and straps on the shoes.

The character carries two oxygen tanks at the back, which provides the most classic look. The colors of the tanks are blue with also yellow straps on them. The character will look more similar to the high-tech Fire Brigade car.

On one hand of the Johnson, a double-bladed ax is available to attack the enemies and another hand has a shield. It isn’t kind of expensive to buy the skin, but the problem is people have to invest more money in the game.

So, if you don’t want to invest money in the game, but still want to use the amazing Fire Chief Skin, then you have lots of other options. We are going to share some of them with you all below, through which you can get all the best features

Screenshot of Fire Chief ML

Screenshot of Skin Fire Chief ML

How to Get Skin Fire Chief in MLBB?

There are multiple methods for any user to access any available skin on Mobile Legends. The most important thing is to know about these methods. If you don’t know about them, then don’t worry. We are going to solve all your problems easily.


One of the best and easiest ways to get any premium feature of the game is to Top-up. There are certain platforms, which offer Top-up services and additional services for the users. You can easily find the platforms, which offer the best deals for the users.

There are different Top-up Sores, which offer users to get additional features. So, you can easily get low-priced diamonds on these platforms. You just need to find a legit platform, which provides you the best offers according to others.

Trail Based Skins

The trail-based system isn’t q quite a word for the second method. There is a system available in the game, through which users will be able to share the skins with other friends. The system provides a limited time of trial for the friends to use.

So, if you had a big friend circle, then you will have a great chance to get the best skin of Johnson. Players can use the skin in the available time. Once the time completes, then the players will be lost the skin. It is better to experience something new in this way.

ML Events

There are different events held in ML for the fans to access amazing offers. Similarly, if you want to find something new, then you have to stay-up. There are different types of events, which provide users the best and unique features.

If you think the events only provide services for the premium users, then you are wrong. There are quite a large number of events, which provide services for free users. You just need to access and complete all events requests to access all features, which sometimes includes unique Skins.

Streamers Giveaway

Mobile Legends is quite popular on the internet, which is why there are tons of different gamers available. You know there are different platforms available, on which players spend their time and play live games.

On the other hand, the streamers also make different lucky draws for the fans. If you are lucky, then you can easily win free prizes from any of the available streams. So, you should just join and find out about the streamers, who make more giveaways.


Users who daily play the ML get additional chances of winning more prizes. There are certain missions available for the players, which you have to complete to access more skins and other items. If you want to know about the missions, then you should find them in the mission box.

One of the most common missions is to log in for a week daily. If you complete, this mission, then your chances of getting Fire Chief Skin will be increased. But it isn’t any kind of promise to provide it, which means you can get other items too.

Season Rank

Each Mobile Legends Season is provided for the master players of the season. In each season, all players are at the lowest rank, which everyone has to increase until the end of the season. The players, who reached the Mythical Glory or above rank will get skins without any payment.

Each season has a special skin, which is only provided for the players, who reached the Mythical rank. So, you have to play hard and safe to push your rank up to the top and access all amazing features without wasting money.

How to Get Free Skin Fire Chief in MLBB?

There is another method, which isn’t safe at all. But there are lots of users, who use this method to access all the paid skins for free is the Hacking tools. There is a wide number of tools, available in the market, which provides users access to paid features for free.

MSC ML Injector

MD Skin Store 


Skin Injector Apk 2021

NC Injector

But usually, the tools provide fake services. On the other, there are also tools, which work and provide the best results. Now, we are going to share some of the tools, with you all below. You can use them to access all the collections of skins of ML for Free

There are much more available, which you can explore on the website. But there is also risk includes in it. You may lose your ID for using these tools. So, we recommend you to not use them on your account.

Final Words

Skin Fire Chief ML is currently one of the most popular skins of the game. There are multiple methods., through which you can get it and we shared almost all of them with you. So, if you are looking for more related information, then just let us know in the comment section below.

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