Touch It Rikka Apk Download For Android [New 2023]

Touch It Rikka Apk” is a game for Android. This gaming Apk offers a simple simulation-based mobile gameplay. Thus, get a unique story of a simulation game with multiple characters and quests. Additionally, this App Apk offers simple and easy controllers. So, no need to worry about gaming skills anymore. Hence, download and install this Apk to enjoy this unique gameplay.

Mobile games are popular for providing easy access to games. Because gamers can start playing various games anywhere at any time. However, playing games with multiple controllers affects the gameplay. Controlling characters is quite hard on the small screen of mobile. Therefore, players prefer to play games with simple controllers. So, get a simple mobile gaming Apk on this page with simple controllers.

What is The ‘Touch It Rikka Apk’?

The ‘Touch It Rikka Apk’ is a simulation Android game. This simulation gaming Apk is all about a girl known as Rikka. This Girl is a social worker to help people with dementia. Additionally, this girl also has a dark side. Thus, play this unique game to explore complete information about Rikka. Hence, download and play to enjoy all the exciting features. provides multiple Android simulation games. Especially, games not available on official websites are available on this website. Although, the ASDASD Apk is a popular game. But, this page is about the latest available gaming Apk. Hence, get all the required details related to this unique and new gaming App Apk here.

Mostly, simulation games provide unnecessary characters. Thus, players have to spend more time exploring available characters. Therefore, playing straightforward gameplay is the best way to save time and have fun. So, the Touch It Rikka Game is a completely differnet simulation game. Because it provides gameplay with only main characters. Hence, no waste of time and have endless entertainment.

In this new game, players will get simple and easy gameplay. With quality graphics spending time playing this mobile gaming App is worth it. However, it is recommended to get complete details before downloading this APK. This page provides all details for players. Hence, stay here to learn all about this exciting Android game.

Game Story

The story of this gaming App is superficial. Rikka is a young girl living in a townlet. This girl is living her best life helping other individuals especially people suffering from dementia. In this town, most people are facing the problem of dementia. Thus, Rikka is doing her best to help all popular suffering from memory loss. Hence, players have to assist this girl to aid others.

Mostly, games only offer a single side story. However, this gaming Apk offers dual side stories. Therefore, players will get a good and dark story. In the good story, Rakki helps people with dementia problems. And in the dark story, she uses people with dementia problems for personal use. Thus, playing this gaming app will be more exciting. Hence, enjoy all unique events.

This simulation game depends on the player’s decisions. Players will get multiple points for decisions taking. In these points, players have to take specific decisions according to their interests. No need to worry about the outcome of decisions. Because each selection has more events awaits for players. Hence, have endless fun exploring all available events.


Although, no animations are available in this mobile game. However, players will get the highest display-quality images. Further, users will get smooth and active images with storylines. Therefore, players will get a high-quality gameplay experience. Customization is available for players in the setting section. Hence, have fun gameplay with available quality display.

The ‘Touch It Rikka Android’ is the best available App Apk for gamers. Although, detailed information related to this game is provided on this page. But, there are much more features available in this exciting Apk. Additionally, more gaming Apks are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more unique gaming Apps.

App Details

NameTouch It Rikka
Size53.63 MB
Package Namecom.kaibltdinc.touchitrikka
Minimal Support Required5.0 and Above

Screenshots Of App

How To Download Touch It Rikka Apk?

This gaming App is not available on official websites. Therefore, this website offers the fastest Android Apk downloading process. So, tap on the download APK button at the top and bottom of this page. Downloading of APK will start automatically with a single click. Hence, download the free game and enjoy.

Main Features

  • Completely Free Download 
  • Get A Unique Simulation Game
  • Multiple Story Modes Available
  • Differnet Characters Available
  • Simple And Easy To Play
  • Multiple Ending In-Game
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Online Gameplay
  • In-Game Guidelines
  • Supports Multiple Ads
  • Much More 

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

Is the Touch It Rikka Game Available For Mobile?

Yes, the Apk of this game is available. Hence, install the Apk on Mobile and enjoy gaming.

Does Google Play Store Offer the Touch It Rikka Direct Download Link?

No, this App is not available on Google Play. However, get the direct download link on this page.

How To Install Touch It Rikka Apk?

Enable Unknown Sources from Android Settings Security. After this install the downloaded Apk file.


Touch It Rikka Apk is a unique mobile game with endless features. Therefore, Android gamers should download this simple gaming app and have endless entertainment. Additionally, much more gaming Apks are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more Apks.

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