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Are you an explorer and want to discover all about the universe? If yes, then you should use this Android application, which is known as Universe in a Nutshell Apk. It is an Android application, which offers users to collect all the information about the universe. It includes all the scientific facts and figures, which will clear all mysteries.

The origin of the universe is far, before mankind. There are different scientists, who offered a different point of view in the question. So, people are getting confused, therefore to understand these complex things people should learn it as entertainment.

It is not so easy to understand all at once, but the application, we are herewith provides the most simple way to understand it all. It offers some of the best features, by which students can easily gain all kinds of scientific information. You know all the things are formed from energy and matter, which includes chemical reaction, physical equations, and all other.

So, through this platform, the user can have all the base knowledge about science. There are different tools, provided in this app, through which users can have an amazing interaction with it. So, to find all about it, just stay with us.

Overview of Universe in a Nutshell Apk

It is an educational Android application, which is developed by Wait But Why & Kurzgesagt. It is a multi-featured application, in which users can have all the information from the smallest part atom to the universal theory Big Bang. It doesn’t provide any complex equations nor any theories.

It provides theories, but the way of information delivery is very simple. It provides a storyline information delivery system, by which anyone can understand all the complex things easily. Kurzgesagt in a Nutshell, provides all the information is images, with them, you can also play with.

The users can zoom any content in this app, by which it will provide all the detailed information about the object. You can find where did all this start, how it started? The entire question, which your mind has about the universe, is available in this app.

The information related to the species on the earth to the largest blue whale. Discover all in this application. It also provides scales, through which you can compare all the sizes of different objects. It will provide an accurate actual result.

The animation is one of the best ways to represent any content more clearly. Therefore, this app offers different animation, by which users will have more interest in discovering more amazing facts. It even provides the best collection of music, which provides an amazing feel to the user.

There are many more features, which you can explore. But all these features are not for free, which means you have to purchase Universe in a Nutshell Kurzgesagt. But it isn’t required a high amount of money to purchase it. You just need to $2.93 and access all of the features.

So, download The Universe in a Nutshell App and get all the unlimited access to learning. Discover all the things you want to know and be the person who knows everything. If you have any problem in access it then feels free to contact us.

App Details

NameUniverse in a Nutshell
Size140 MB
Package Nameorg.kurzgesagt.app.Universe
DeveloperWait But Why & Kurzgesag
Minimal Support Required5.0 and Above

Key Features of the App

  • One time purchasing
  • Largest Informative Platform
  • Measuring Scales to compare different Objects
  • Provides all the Facts and Theories
  • Simple Way to Understand
  • Built-in Music
  • Attractive Animations
  • The interface is User Friendly
  • No Advertisements
  • Many more

Screenshots of App

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How to Download the Apk?

It is available on Google Play Store. So, we are going to share the direct link of the Play Store with you all, through which you can purchase it. There are two buttons available on this page, you can tap any one of them and you will be directed to the official store.


Increase your knowledge and your kids with Universe in a Nutshell Apk Kurzgesagt. Explore all the amazing and simple facts, which are complex for you. It is one of the best applications, which offers all the detailed information in the best creative way for the uses.

So, download this application and get access. Don’t forget to share the link of this page, with your friends and family members. Keep visiting our website and explore more amazing hacks and apps.

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