Walter Black Apk V3 For PUBG Free Download

Hello PubG players, do you guys want to get the latest hack of PubG? We are here with an app, by which you can hack PUBG. It is known as Walter Black PUBG Hack.

As you know the only disadvantage of using a hack is the account ban, but in this post, we will share some ways by which you can reduce the chances of account ban. If you want to know more about this app, stay with us.

Overview of Walter Black PUBG Hack

It is a tool, which is developed by a Turkish programmer. As you know PubG is one of the best online games. You were left on an isolated island, where you have to survive by eliminating your opponents. You can play it with a friend, solo or in a team of four players.

At first, you need to find weapons and surviving equipment. After that what you have to do is take-out your opponents as many as possible but it is not easy to do. The system makes it a fair decision that your opponents will be the same ranked players.

 It means you are playing against players whose gaming ability is the same as you. So it is not so easy to win a game round. But here you can win as many rounds as you want, just you need is this tool. It is a simple app, with a very best user-friendly interface.

Key features of Walter Black PUBG Hack

It provides lots of features. I am going to share some of them with you all. These are only those which I have found more interesting, but you can check it you will find lots of other features to, you can even share your experiences with us, by using the comment section.

Here is a list of features.


It is one of the features it offers, using this you will be able to see the enemy through the wall and you can even shot them as the wall is transparent.

Recoil hack

Using this tool you will be able to disable recoil, it means you can fire as many rounds as possible without recoiling.


Enable this option and you will be able to aim at multiply enemies at a single time. You can shot them without any skills of shouting.

Magic Bullets

It is one of my favorite tools, using this you can shoot at your target or enemies. Just as you fire in that direction it will automatically hit your target.

So these are some of the features that I have found interesting. Now we are going to share a simple personal experience if you want to use these hacks you can do. But you need to be safe and you should know that it is working. Therefore you have to use a fake account for personal experiences.

Screenshots of App

Is it safe to Use Walter Black Apk?

Yes, as a person experiences. But there is always a high risk of an account ban. Therefore we have to clear that if you are not willing to risk your accounts don’t use this. We are not providing any guarantee of safety.              

Is it legal to Use?

No, it is not legal to use. Using a hack you are violating the game rules. Therefore it is not legal to use and your account may be ban for using it or for cheating. You can be in trouble, therefore I personally recommend don’t use it.

How to download Walter Black App?

You just need to tap on the provided link and wait for a few seconds. There are maybe other websites which may offer the same, but we are providing a safe and secure link. Therefore you shouldn’t worry about anything.

If you are facing any lag problem during the game then you can try the following app
GFX Tool For PUBG Lite

How to install Walter Black Apk?

Before you install it you need to rename some files and uninstall the PUBG from your devices. We are going to share it in the list below just follow these steps and you will be able to install it on your devices.

  •  Go to File manager and open Android folder
  • Open OBB and rename the file” com.tencent.ig” to “com.tencent.ig1”
  • Back to Android folder and open Data
  • Rename the file “com.tencent ig” to “com.tencent.ig2”
  • Uninstall the original PubG version
  • Download from the link below
  • Install it.

Walter Black Apk is the best way to hack PUBG. It is a very simple app with the best features. Using it may cause you trouble and your account can ban. So think before you use it.

Download Link

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