Yogioh Neuron App Download For Android [NEW Update]

Hello Yogioh lovers, we are here with an amazing Android application, which is specially designed for you all. Do you all want to be a pro player in the Yogioh card game? If yes then we brought you Yogioh Neuron App, which offers Life Point tracking, dice rolls, coin tosses, Deck management, and many more.

It is the latest Android application, which is developed for you all to become a Pro in Duelists. There is more about this application, which we are going to share. If you want to know more about this app, just stay with us for a while.

Overview of Yogioh Neuron App

It is a free Android application, which is developed by Konami. It offers you to be a Master of Duelists, by providing the best features. It offers an image recognition system, by which you can scan and add 20 cards at a single time.

As you know desk management is very important in this game. So, this app offers to manage your desk professionally. You can also use the deck editor to edit your desk, which you can share with other players to show your power.

As you know finding the latest cards is difficult, but now you can get the latest news and updates related to cards. You can also get information about the latest products, which were published by Konami. You will always stay updated with every service.

At the initial, Yogioh Neuron Apk was developed for Japan only. The 2D Game was developed in the Japanese Language, but after the update, now it is available in eight different languages. The English language is also added to the servers after the update.

The Cards scanning system is connected to the main servers. When you can a card it will read the Avatar, Card-Number, Text, and other ids. All these will store in the database. So, if someone wants to fetch your card and store it in his deck, then it will not respond.

So, you just need to download this application once you installed this app on your devices. You have to provide them access to all the permissions required. After that, you just need to log-in, in by providing account details. If you are not registered, then you have to register with konami.

App Details

NameYogioh Neuron
Size114.3 MB
Package Namejp.konami.YugiohOcgSupports
Minimal Support Required8.0 and Above

Key Features of Yogioh App

As we discuss some of the features in the above paragraphs, but there is more to share with you. So, we are going to share the main features in a list below. You can find more and amazing features as you explore this app.

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Life Point Tracker
  • Deck Editor
  • Card Game ID Barcode
  • TCG Card Database Installed
  • Image Recognition Technology
  • Calculating Life Points
  • Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Past Event Dueling Record
  • Calculate Life Points And Sanctioned Events
  • Current Card Game ID In Map App
  • Official Tournament Store
  • Search Cards Accurately
  • Check Yu Gi Oh Link Markers
  • No-Ads
  • Deck registration
  • Background Music
  • Tracking Life Points And Card Recognition Support App
  • Flipping Coins And Easily Register
  • Built-in Scanning Cards

Screenshots of App

How to Download Yogioh Neuron App?

To download this application, you can simply visit Google Play Store. If you have any problem accessing it, then you can also download it from this page. You just need to find the download button, which is at the top and bottom of this page.

How to install Yo-Gi-Oh Neuron Apk?

The installation of the Apk file is very simple. You just have to change some settings but for you all. We are going to share the whole steps of the installation process. You just need to follow these steps and it will install perfectly on your device.

Installation Process

  • Go to Settings and Open Security Panel
  • Enable ‘Unknown Source’ and Exit Settings
  • Go to the File Manager and Open Downloads
  • Tap on the Apk file and Select Install Option
  • (Wait a few seconds until the downloading completes)
  • Open it


What is the Best Official Yu gi oh Card-Based Game For Android?

The Yo Gi Oh Neuron App is the best available YOGIHO Card game.

Does the Yogiho game offer multiplayer gameplay?

Yes, the game supports multiplayer online gameplay.

How To Track Life Points Of the Yogiho Trading Card Game ID?

The Yogiho Neuron App offers deck editor and life point tracker services.


Yogioh Neuron App is an Android Application, which offers you to improve your gaming skills and a lot more. It is a free application, which is developed by the officials.

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