AOH2 Apk Download For Android [Age Of History II 2023]

AOH2 Apk is the first history-based Android game. This App Apk offers players to become the king of any region from history. Thus, defend the land from enemies, attack enemies, or use diplomacy to rule this world. Additionally, this website offers free game Apk file. Thus, no need to pay for downloading this game anymore. Simply, Download and install this App Apk and enjoy gaming.

In history, the world was divided into serval parts. And, different Kings and lords rule on it. However, rulers also made mistakes in the past. Due to this, they even lose their thrown. Therefore, we are here with a simple game for you all to become the formidable ruler of all time. Hence, play this exciting game to explore history in a new way.

What is AOH2 Apk?

AOH2 Apk is a free Android strategy game. In this gaming Apk, find your region to rule on it. Besides, all available locations are unlocked in this game. Therefore, select the available regions and start implementing new laws, taxes, growth rates, population, and much more. Further, this gaming Apk offers unlimited gold. Hence, enhance enjoy playing this game with free resources.

Small tribes are converted into large empires with the right decisions. Similarly, large empires are destroyed by a small skate. Therefore, decision-making and diplomacies play an important role in the past. So, there is differnet information provided related to such events in the past. But, people never got a chance to change the past with this information.  

Android games are available representing the start of civilization. However, most of those games only depended on the army only. Therefore, rules and diplomacies are useless in such games. So, the main civilization part is left out. Hence, we are here with the best Android game that offers all these features.

“AOH2 Android” is the second edition of Age of History such as Glory Of Generals 3 Apk. This is the best available civilization-based game with accurate history. Therefore, playing this edition will be more exciting for players. Additionally, this unique game offers complete access to the app. Therefore, playing this game will be more exciting. Hence, stay to learn about all available features.

The official version of this Android game is available on the internet. However, it is a paid game on the web. Therefore, players need to purchase this gaming Apk and access features. But, this page provides complete info about the mod Apk of the app. Consequently, know about the modified features and official services of this app here.

Age Of Civilization 

Age is one of the main factors of civilization. Therefore, this Android game provides players to select the year. This game provides all types of maps according to certain years. Additionally, each year different people rule differnet locations. Thus, similar changes in the civilizations of this game. Hence, find changes in the maps according to age.

In this Android gaming Apk, players can easily select any certain age or year to start the game. So, players only need to find any location to rule and select the age. Find the year of battle to experience real-time battles or find the year of economic growth to experience the rise of the economy. Hence, select the year and location to rule and have fun.


In this Android game, each location is under a specific empire, tribe, region, or civilization. Therefore, players can find and rule on these available locations. Additionally, the growth of the empire is also related to the certain year. Therefore, find the accurate year according to your gameplay and select any location. Hence, find the region to rule and have unlimited fun.

New locations according to the latest map are provided in this App Apk. Although, the names of the locations are available according to this era. But, all locations are under specific empires or tribes according to that year. This will allow players to find any location and get relative information. Hence, find your hometown and know about the ruler of the certain year.


In this Android Apk, management is considered to be an important task. Thus, managing all available resources, policies, events, population, and other features is compulsory for players. additionally, management is the most critical task for any ruler. Therefore, use strategies to get the best results and build a kingdom. Consequently, explore some of the management tasks here.

  • Taxes
  • Goods
  • Research
  • Investments
  • Military
  • Income
  • Production
  • Much More

AOH2 Download on your Android device to explore all available features. Although, information about the main features is available on this page. But, this game offers many more unique features. Consequently, download this exciting game and start playing. 

App Details

Size146.1 MB
Package Nameage.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz
DeveloperŁukasz Jakowski
Minimal Support Required5.0 and Above

Screenshots Of App

How To Download AOH2 Apk?

This Android game is a paid application. Therefore, players have to purchase this game on the official website. However, Apkoll.Com offers a completely free Apk download link. Thus, tap on the download Apk button and get the Apk. Hence, no need to purchase this game anymore.

Main Features

  • Completely Free Download
  • Latest Age Of History II
  • Unlock All Available Lands
  • Easily Grow Finance
  • Increase Army Easily
  • Built-In Game Editor
  • Create Scenario
  • Customize Leaders
  • Create New Cities And Civilizations
  • Simple And Easy to Play
  • Unlimited Gold Available
  • Friendly Interface Of Game
  • Doesnt Support Ads
  • Many More

Frequent Ask Questions

How To Get Age Of History II For Free?

The AOH2 is available for free on this page.

Does Google Play Store Offer AOH2 Direct Download Link?

Yes, but the app is a paid application. Thus, players have to pay $4.99. But, this website offers a free download link here. 

How To Install AOFH2 Apk?

Enable Unknown Sources from Android Settings Security. After this install the downloaded Apk file.


AOH2 is the best available mobile game for players to have fun gameplay. Therefore, download this exciting gaming Apk and start enjoying conqueror this world completely. Additionally, more similar games are available on this website. Hence, follow to know more.

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