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Hello everyone, we are here with another useful Android app which is known as EHTERAZ Apk. It is going to help you and your family to survive in this Covid-19 situation. It offers you lots of features, by which you can fight against Corona.

It is the only Android application, which is specially developed by a government to prevent the cases. You will find lots of other applications like this, but it is the official application. If you want to know more about this application, just stay with us and we will share all we know about it.

Overview of EHTERAZ Apk

It is an Android app, which is specially designed to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. It is developed by the Ministry of Qatar for only the residence of Qatar. It is developed in many languages, So it is easy to understand by anyone.

Therefore using it isn’t a problem for anyone. The only problem is that it is only for the people of Qatar, which means no one else can get the services. There are main three services that this application offers to all, we are going to share that in detail.

The first service that it offers is the latest news about the infection. It will only issue the original new, there are no fake news and anything like that. It will share any new by which you can save yourself and you’re loved once.

The second service that it offers is that you will get all the necessary safety measures and alertness instructions from the government. You have to take these safety steps to protect yourself and your family.

The most important is that it will allow you to check the details about any place. It will provide you the number of people is tested and had positive, quarantine, negative, and suspected cases that have not been tested yet.

App Details

CategoryHealth & Fitness
Size11.9 MB
Minimal Support Required4.1+

Key Features of EHTERAZ Apk

As you know it is a very difficult time for all of us, but there is an only single way to fight back is to apply all the necessary precautions. It is the only Android application that offers all that, so there are many features of this EHTHERAZ.

I am going to share some of them with you if you think I may do not mention any of the important. You can share them in the comment section below. Feel free to use it.

List of Features

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Multi-Languages
  • Fast Updates
  • User-Friendly Interface

Screenshots of App

How to Use EHTERAZ?

After installing it, you need to open it and accept the terms and conditions, but before you do that change the language and read these terms and conditions yourself. After that, you have to allow your location from the settings to always on for this app.

 Now you need to just complete the registration process. You only need three things to register yourself with this app. The first one is your mobile number, the second is your QID and the last one is your QID expiry date.

You will receive the OTP in a few mins and you have to log in. the last thing which you have to do is enter your medical condition as there are different options.

How to Download EHTERAZ?

To download ETHERAZ Apk, you just need to find the download button on the page which is located at the top and the bottom of this page. You just need to tap on that button and wait a few seconds until it completes downloading.


EHTERAZ Apk is the best Android app, which is the best way to prevent spreading COVID-19. You can save your family and others too. Stay Home Stay Safe, Keep visiting our website.

Thank you.

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