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Are you worried about your health and fitness? So, do you want a simple way to develop a good healthy diet and fitness routine? If yes, then we are here with the application, which is known as Fundo Pro Apk. It is an Android application, which provides every kind of health and fitness information about your body. It also assists users to do more exercise and also provides other features.

These days people are more dependent on different digital devices, which is not a good habit. People are getting lazy day by day, which causes physical disabilities and other problems. So, everyone has to stay fit, which is one of the best ways to enjoy the movements of your life.

There are people, who love to have a fit and healthy body, but due to less knowledge, they cannot reach the limits. Sometimes consumption of extra calories and less sleeping cause high damage to the nerve’s system. People have stress and other problems. So, everyone has to stay fit, or else they are going to regret it one day.

So, we are here with the application, which is going to stop you from that day. It is going to assets you with your health, through which you can have a perfect body and mind. It offers different tools, through which users will maintain themselves. We are going to share all about it, just stay with us for a while and enjoy.

Overview of Fundo Pro Apk

It is an Android application, which is developed by Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology Co., Ltd. It is the most advanced health assistance, which provides all the basic and advanced level tools to maintain the user’s body and mind healthy. It is a free application, which provides all the available services for free.

To access this application, users require a Smartwatch. Fundo Pro For Smart Watch will send data received and store. Users can also connect the watch with your Android device and get all the available information. It is a simple process to go through all the available data.

You may think, how an Android application can maintain our health? If you are having this kind of question, then you have to know about the tools. Movement is one of the basic things, which every living thing does. So, humans walk and sometimes run, which is one of the best ways to maintain your body.

Walk or taking steps burns unnecessary calories, which removes fat and decreases cholesterol. So, any average person should take five hundred minimum steps daily. There are different measurements according to your body. So, through Fundo Pro App, it provides you to count your footsteps.

Sleeping is one of the important parts to have a good and relax the mind. So, it offers sleeping calculators, which provides all the information about your sleeping timing. It includes light sleeping, duration, and other factors that are also available.

Information about the heart is also available. It provides users average rate of heartbeat, maximum rate, and also the minimum rate of the heartbeat. The details about blood presser and pulse information are also provided through this app. 

If you like to play sports, then it also provides information about your exercises. So, there are many more that you can find in this app. Download this application and start to maintain your body and mind. Be ready for any emergence.

App Details

NameFunDo Pro
Size71.50 MB
Package Namecom.kct.fundo.btnotification
DeveloperShenzhen Fen Yun Technology Co.,Ltd
Minimal Support Required4.3 and Above

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Key Features of the App

  • Free to Download
  • Free to Use
  • Provides detailed Health information
  • Health and Fitness tips
  • Notification Alert System
  • Provides SMS Alert
  • Connect Android Smartphone with Smartwatch
  • Interface is User-friendly
  • No Advertisements available
  • Many more

Screenshots of App

How to Download the Apk?

People prefer our website for downloading apps because we are providing a tested application. So, for this application, we are also going to share it with you all. You can download this app, by just making a single tap on the available download button at the top or at the bottom of this page.


Fundo Pro Apk to get all the information about your fitness and health. Stick with this app and get benefits form available free features. You have to enjoy your life while staying healthy. For more amazing apps keep visiting our website.

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