Lumbercraft Apk Download For Android [2023]

Lumbercraft Apk is an Android application, which offers the best simulation gameplay for players to build their world. The story revolves around the lumberjack, who has to cut trees and build different buildings. So, if you want to enjoy your free time, then get it on your Android.

There are different types of games available in the market, which players love to play. So, we are not here with some kind of card game, which needs to use all your brain strength. If you love fun games, then you have to try them. You can easily spend hours on it, without getting bored.

What is Lumbercraft Apk?

Lumbercraft Apk is an Android gaming application, which offers the best simulation gaming platform to play and enjoy. It provides users to build different buildings and enhances the shape of your town and you can also attack others to get coins and loot.

There are multiple features available in this game, which you can play and enjoy. The game starts, with your main character with a simple ax and trees all around you. So, you have to cut each of them to get a higher number of stored wood.

In the initial, you have to build a simple home with the words and start building more and more. So, there are multiple buildings, which you have to build. Each of them provides different features for you to make the time and your character stronger.

Lumber Mill

It is the building, where you have to store all the wood, which has seven different levels of upgrades. You can upgrade them for coins or for free. The free feature is available sometimes for the users, which you have to keep checking.

Buy Gold

It is the market bartering system, where you can exchange your wood for gold coins. The main economy of the 3D Game is gold, which you can use to almost upgrade everything. You can find different offers in this building and choose according to your needs.


You have to build a hospital, through which you can get additional health faculties. You can upgrade your health limits from here and take more damage from the enemies. You also need the coins to enhance your health limits.

War Towers

There are two types of towers available for you, which you can get to take out opponents. There are some differences between them, then, the one with short range has high damage and the other with low damage has a high range.


The portal is the only way to go out of the town for an attack, loot, or coins. You can go through the portal to another place. You can hunt and back in the same way, but the enemies can also come through the portal to your town. So, you have to make the security using towers.

If you are interested in simulation gaming, then you should try Camp Pinewood too. But currently, you should explore the features of the Lumbercraft Game. There are tons of amazing features with high-quality graphics. More interesting games are available on this website.

The controls are smooth and responsive, through which you can control your character in 360 directions. If you want to know more about it, then get Lumbercraft Android on your Smartphone and start exploring all features of the game.

App Details

Size162.74 MB
Package Namecom.noorgames.timbercraft
Minimal Support Required4.4 and Above

Screenshots of App

How to Download Lumbercraft Apk File?

Lumbercraft Download is available on this page and also on Google Play. So, if you want to download it from here, then tap on the download button, which is available at the top and bottom of this page. The downloading will start automatically, after the tap on the button.

Main Features of the Game

  • Free to Download and Play
  • Best Simulation Game
  • Build Your World
  • Addictive Battles In Fun Game
  • Chopping Trees And Get Raw Wood
  • Protect Your Town And Build Towers
  • Attack and Loot
  • Build Structures Even Houses
  • Defeat New Enemies And Earn Coins
  • Interface User-friendly
  • Offline Gameplay
  • Chop Trees To Build Houses
  • Interesting Building Options
  • Simple Graphics
  • Fight Against Enemies
  • Different Structures
  • Different Houses And Enjoy Playing
  • Simple Controls In Different Zones
  • Exciting Features
  • Fast and Responsive Controls
  • High-quality Display
  • Many More


Does the Latest Version Of Lumbercraft Mod Apk Offer Unlimited Money?

The modified version provides unlimited money. However, the modified edition of this game is not available.

How To Get More Coins In Lumbercraft Mod Apk?

Collect lumber in this amazing game to earn more coins.

How to Fight Enemies In Lumbercraft Apk?

Use logs to fight numerous enemies.


If you want to enjoy it in your free time, then Lumbercraft Apk 2.5 is the best platform. You can have the best fun of all time with it on your Android device. So, get it on and start playing the best gaming. Download from the available link below.

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