Super Birds Apk Download For Android [NEW]

Play the most unique mobile game known as the Super Birds. This is a simple mobile game providing an interesting gameplay of rescuing Birds. Start playing the role of a wildlife rescuer and save Birds. Encounter a wide collection of missions and save birds in different situations. Download this Apk and start exploring all available unique features.

Wildlife Rescuers is one of the most unique jobs of saving wildlife. This organization protects and saves animals. Each available counter has national-based organizations to protect animals. However, limited games are available based on Wildlife resources. Get information related to the best available mobile app with similar services here.

What is Super Birds Apk?

Super Birds Game is an Android Puzzle gaming Apk. This is a completely free Puzzle game offering unique gameplay. This game is all about saving Birds which has been trapped in the ropes. However, some birds should be trapped. So, enjoy this unique gameplay of trapping and untrapping birds. Play and have a fun experience.

Most apps provide only entertainment-based gameplay. Therefore, Android players can only play available games and have fun. However, some apps also provide play and earn services. So, this new Android App offers unique gameplay with earning services. Enjoy playing this exciting puzzle-based gameplay.

SuperBirds Game is the most unique mobile game with an interesting gameplay. In this mobile game get a puzzle-based gameplay with earning services. The game is totally based on rescuing Birds using various methods. Therefore, enjoy playing this exciting game and have unlimited fun. Get details related to the available unique features here. Enjoy similar gameplay with the Spiele Apk.

SuperBirds Gameplay

The gameplay is all about rescuing birds. However, only some birds need to be saved. So, all available birds are trapped with a rope. So, use the slide option to cut the rope and save the birds. There are two types of birds available in the game. However, save only the good birds. Saving the bad birds will end the mission.

Birds Types

In this gameplay, two types of birds are available. However, rescuers don’t need to save both birds. The difference between the Good and Bad Bird is color. The Yellow Colored Bird is Good and the Dark Brown Colored Bird is Bad. Therefore, use the slide to cut the rope and save the Yellow color bird. Enjoy exploring this exciting mobile game and have fun.


This game provides countless types of games. Each available mobile game provides endless missions for players. However, available missions are locked. So, players have to unlock each available mission to unlock the next one. Enjoy unlocking the available missions and have an unlimited gameplay experience.

Earning Services

This application provides high-end earning services. However, the earning services are not available globally. Currently, the earning services are only available for Indonesian users. Therefore, Indonesian gamers can easily make money with this unique application. Start playing this mobile game and win real money.

SuperBirds Download on Android devices to explore the available exciting features. In this mobile game enjoy exploring the available unique gameplay and make real money. Download this unique game and explore all features of this app. Get information related to the APK downloading system below.

App Details

NameSuper Birds
Size49.9 MB
Package Namecom.yg.superbirds
Minimal Support Required4.1 and Above

Screenshots Of App

How To Download Super Birds?

The downloading process of this game is available on this website. So, searching on the internet for the Game APK is not necessary. Simply, find the DOWNLOAD APK button and tap on it. The downloading process of this game will automatically start with this tap. Hence, tao and wait a few seconds to get this game.

Main Features

  • Completely Free Game
  • Best Puzzle Game
  • Save Yellow Birds Only
  • Make Instant Coins
  • Redeemable Coins Available
  • Withdrawal Options Available
  • Simple and Easy To Play
  • Friendly Interface of Game
  • Doesn’t Support Ads
  • Endless Missions Available
  • Much More

Frequent Ask Questions [FAQs]

Can I Play SuperBirds On Mobile?

Yes, the APK version of this app is available

Why SuperBirds Withdrawal Isn’t Available?

The redeemable coins are only available for Indonesian players.

How To Install SuperBirds?

Enable Unknown Sources from Android settings Security and install the downloaded APK file.


Super Birds Download on Android device to explore all available unique features. This simple mobile game provides the most addictive puzzle gameplay. Therefore, enjoy playing the available endless missions. Additionally, more similar games are available on this website. Follow to get more.

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